How did Mobina Galore and German punk label Gunner Records get together?

Today with: Gunnar from Gunner Records

Gunnar, how did you come to include Mobina Galore in Gunner’s program?

I got a hint from Ian from Owls By Nature that I should listen to the band. The very first song I heard from them totally thrilled me. For me the band has everything a good punk band needs like great melodies, incredible energy and they are one of the nicest people I have met in this music environment. Unbelievable but true is that it’s also just guitar and drums… and as a duo it’s really incredible what they bring onto stage. They are two strong, great women who should already be much better known than they are right now. I immediately wrote to them and asked if they would be interested in working together.

You’ve also been a driver for the band. Did you take your annual vacation then and did you support the band rather on tours in Canada/the US or Europe?

I myself have only ever been on the road with the band for a few days, so I can’t write that much on this question. Stefan would have to take over here, since he drove them most of the time in Europe. I myself unfortunately can’t tour that much anymore because of job and family…

The pandemic in 2020 has caused that a tour already booked for Europe had to be postponed. Has the band ever played bigger festivals in Germany before (I haven’t found them on many line ups yet) and if not, is pandemic the only reason why we will see them so late on stages in Germany e.g.?

In this case, we have already worked on some bigger festivals, but the pandemic really came in between. But Mobina Galore has already played at bigger festivals in Europe such as Groezrock. In Germany, they played a lot of smaller festivals. But I hope that when festivals and concerts can take place again, we can continue where we left off. Hopefully the tour you mention will help with that.

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